Branding and Logo Design

Build your brand.

Building your public-facing image and communicating your values is an ongoing process for every business, no matter how large or small. Branding and logo design are what make you memorable and connects you with the right people, partnerships, and opportunities.


Authenticity is key. Pretending to be something you’re not only works in the short term. Branding should be honest, and can’t be determined by anyone but you. At 360 Direct we invest our time in getting to know your company so that we can create branding that reflects your vision and your goals. We believe that good marketers should always be great listeners. During our thorough on-boarding process, we get to know you, your business, and your customers so that everything we produce is on-brand and on-target.

Signs you may need better branding:

  • Different departments use different logos or colors. No one is sure which one is the “right” one.
  • Prospects sometimes ask you what you do – even when you’ve talked to them several times and they’ve seen several pieces of marketing material.
  • Your sell sheets or other pieces of marketing material don’t look like a set. They were designed at different times and have very different “looks.” If you weren’t paying attention, you may not realize they are for the same company.
  • You use terms and phrasing that make sense for you internally, but your customers don’t understand.

The tone and style you use on your website, social media, and collateral leave an impression on your customer and are part of your brand. We use information about your customers and your industry to make informed decisions about the language choices that should be used in your marketing.

What we communicate depends on you.

How we communicate depends on your customers.

Fun Fact: Children as young as three show signs of brand savviness and can start to articulate why a brand or product is or is not desirable.

For logo design, 360 Direct starts by discussing what you want from your logo, and what you are envisioning. We provide several concepts to get the ball rolling, and then perfect the one that speaks to you and your company.

Changing your logo completely should be a carefully deliberated decision, but may be the right choice when rebranding acquired companies, visually representing significant change your company has undergone, or introducing new product lines or divisions.

Updating your logo can be necessary if fonts or design choices haven’t aged well in your current logo. Changes don’t always need to be drastic – it could be a simple freshening up that allows your logo to look more modern while still be recognized as your brand by longtime customers.

360 Direct can also redraw your logo if you don’t want to change your logo but have lost the original file. Having a vector file allows you to resize or reformat your logo as needed so your logo is crisp and clear in all your materials.

Looking good is only one piece of the puzzle. Branding and logo design are a reflection of the company, and are often the first thing a prospective customer notices about your organization.

Whether you’re a startup working from scratch or an established business looking to modernize, 360 Direct’s marketing experts and graphic designers can help. Our collaborative process incorporates your vision with our expertise for compelling results.