Customer Retention, 360 Direct - Your Outsource Marketing Department

Using a customer retention strategy, businesses increase the lifetime value of converted leads. The more we invest in building relationships, the more we encourage customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Keep your customers coming back.

What do your customers know about you? Let them know about other services or products you offer, the good you are doing in the community, and company milestones. Let them know you aren’t just one of their vendors – you are an industry leader.

When was the last time you were able to talk to each of your customers?

Staying in contact with current customers is important, but can be time consuming and difficult. Using surveys, email newsletters, social media, and more, we can make several points of contact so that your company is always at the top of their mind when they have a need.

Turn one-time customers into recurring orders.

Multiple contact points keep you at the top of their mind when they have another need, and makes it even more convenient for them to reach out and let you know they want to talk.

Make sure your customers are using you for all their needs.

Do your customers know all you have to offer? By educating the customer, you increase the chance that they’ll turn to you for additional needs or services.

Find out what customers think of you.

You pride yourself in your customer service – but do your customers agree? Find out what they think your strengths and weaknesses are so you can improve in meaningful ways.

Learn what kind of information your clients value.

Measure the results from surveys, clicks from emails, and likes on social media to better understand your customers and what they want to hear.

Who needs a phone call?

Take the metrics we are able to provide and maximize your sales team’s time by reaching out to customers or prospects that are actively showing interest in your company. Take the guesswork out of customer retention and make informed decisions about how your customers want to be reached and what they want to talk about.

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