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Lead Quality & Quantity

Lead generation is just as much about quality as it is quantity. Our goal is not to merely increase web traffic – it’s to increase web traffic from viable prospects. Every tactic we use is targeted to your prospective buyers, and is measured to the fullest extent of the channel used.

Inbound & Outbound Tactics

360 Direct has experience in the full spectrum of inbound and outbound tactics and uses them appropriately in accordance with your goals and budget. While inbound marketing tactics are inherently less expensive, companies with aggressive growth goals may benefit from outbound campaigns. Regardless of what your goals are or budget is, all our marketing strategies are developed to maximize results and maximize your ROI.

Lead Generation Outbound Tactics:

  • Calling Campaigns
  • Trade Shows
  • Traditional Advertising

The key to lead generation is targeting, which is why 360 Direct invests time in getting to know your customer base so that all marketing is directed towards the people that matter to you. Every tactic engaged is with your target audience in mind, from how we are attracting social media followers or website visitors to list purchasing and editorial pitching.

Our goal as marketers is to build bridges between businesses and the potential customers they serve best. Through a targeted approach and consistent testing and measuring, lead generation with 360 Direct maximizes your marketing ROI.

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