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Beware of Spam Marketing Messages: “You Have Errors on Your Website”

Don't be fooled by spam marketing messages. Periodically we hear from clients asking us about emails they’ve received citing several “errors” on their websites. These are not reliable companies and…

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Why design matters in marketing

Why Marketing Design Matters

It’s easy to neglect updating the marketing content & design in your materials. Many times, companies use the same design for their marketing materials and just plug in updated specs and…

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Website Design Tips

Dressing your Website for Success

“Dress to impress.” “Dress for success.” “Always look your best.” There are various sayings such as these that emphasize the importance of looking your absolute best in order to make a…

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Importance of good images

Website Trend: The Importance of Images

Google+ suggests using imagery in posts. The popularity of Pinterest shows that people love images and that image sharing is viral. This and more suggests that images are important now and for the…

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Design Myths

20 Web Design Myths from Lean Labs

There’s a lot of work that goes into a website – and in some cases, too much work. The SlideShare below helps dispel some the most common web design myths and mistakes companies make…

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