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Marketing In a Post-Covid World

  Many things have changed since Covid-19, but what have remained constant are the fundamentals of marketing. While marketing strategies might have evolved, the goal has not. The purpose of…

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Online Reviews Do What?

  Online reviews have become an important way of communication between the clients and the business. These ratings help show store owners the areas of their business where they are providing…

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Website Analytics

Do You Know How Well Your Website Is Performing?

In today’s high-tech world, there are so many ways to capture, track, and analyze hundreds of varying pieces of data, so where do you even begin? Luckily, there are analytical tools available to…

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Are your customers falling off the ladder?

Are Your Customers Falling off the Ladder?

Are Your Customers Falling Off the Ladder? Every business owner must ask this critical question regularly.  Your customer loyalty ladder profile can say a lot about the health of your business.  One…

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Baking for Business

Baking for Your Business

So you’re at the checkout of a large retailer, and your cashier doesn’t bother to acknowledge you as you approach. Instead, he continues his conversation with his co-worker at the next register,…

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Meaningful Business Connection

Create Emotional Connections with Your Customers

Even “interesting” companies cannot completely rely on a flashy product or a unique concept to make customers develop an emotional attachment to their business. For traditionally…

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