Sell Sheets, 360 Direct - Your Outsource Marketing Department

Marketing collateral that converts.

From sell sheets to brochures, branded sales materials help educate potential customers and arm sales professionals with the tools they need to convert leads and grow your business. Material can cover your company as a whole, specific products or service lines, or other aspects of your business that you often discuss with prospects, customers, or job seekers.

Sell sheets and brochures can be printed for sleek materials to hand out at trade shows or leave behind at prospect meetings. Digital versions can be available for prospects to download from your website or for your sales team to email prospects individually.

Clear messaging.
Compelling visuals.

360 Direct crafts marketing materials using modern visuals and brand-conscious messaging. We help you distill your product and service descriptions into memorable talking points that inform and persuade. We carefully write in the tone and style that fits your industry, and include great design that enhances but does not detract from your message.

Your company has changed in the past decade. Why haven’t your sell sheets?

Reasons you may need new collateral:

  • Your company’s offerings have changed since you last printed your sell sheets.
  • Your sell sheets show obsolete machinery, computers, or other items that tell your customers “We haven’t looked at this since the ‘80s.”
  • No one has the original file, so you keep making copies of the one you have.
  • Parts of your sell sheet are no longer accurate: your address, the “state-of-the-art” equipment or technology you list, the name of your salesperson, or more!
  • Everyone hates what you have, but you still have three boxes left.

A leave-behind for prospects highlights the main takeaways you want them to have about your company, product, or service. Your marketing material is saying something. Make sure it’s saying the right things for your company.