Turkey hunting has everything to do with marketing

Turkey Hunting and Marketing - Analyze Buyer Behavior

Turkey hunting has everything to do with marketing

marketable-turkeyContemplating my last chance at a successful turkey hunt this Spring, it occurred to me how similar the two activities are.

Many people in the industry say 80% of advertising does not work. Also, it is said that only 20% of turkey hunters this spring will take home a turkey. Just a fun fact.

Strategy. If my strategy for hunting tom turkey were to wake up sometime in the morning, grab my gun and walk to the hunting blind, I probably shouldn’t expect much.

Knowing what excellent vision turkeys have, and that any irregularity in their line of sight will cause them to flee, hunters know every inch of themselves and their firearm must be camouflaged.

Knowing how challenging it is to take one of these birds down as they are always on the look out and listening for predators, it is necessary to get to your blind before the sun is even close to rising and to wait for hours without moving or making a sound.

Similar to using tactics such as printing brochures or putting out a website without an in depth understanding of one’s customers and competitors. This relates to positioning, or carrying out an objective to achieve the business’s goals.

It is necessary, in marketing, to understand buyer behavior.

In staying ahead of the consumer, it is so important to know the marketing environment in order to comprehend the consumer’s concerns and motivations. Kind of like knowing how to put out the decoys and which turkey call to use and when.

And last, my favorite thought on this subject. Guerrilla marketing: low cost, non-conventional means used to promote a product or idea. Similar to Chicken on a Stick: low cost decoy on a stick that is used at close range. Just so crazy it may work!