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Beware of Spam Marketing Messages: “You Have Errors on Your Website”

spam, marketing, website errors,
Don't be fooled by spam marketing messages.

Periodically we hear from clients asking us about emails they’ve received citing several “errors” on their websites. These are not reliable companies and in most cases the emails are scripted. They’re trying to sell you their services. No matter where the email comes from, it usually mentions several things, so please be AWARE.

We came across your website and noticed the following
…(This is completely random and they’re casting a very wide net hoping they can get someone to take the bait)

We’ve found several errors on your website! (“errors” is a completely inaccurate word. We design your website using best practices & run reports regularly)

We are offering you a FREE website analysis...valued at $200! (we always offer FREE website reports - just ask us anytime!)

Get your business on the first page of a Google search! (Google is a pay-to-play operation where much $$$ is spent on ads. Look at which listings say “sponsored”. If you have a huge advertising budget, you too can get higher in the rankings. If you want to spend more on advertising, we can definitely help you get the most for your money, but this also requires A/B testing for the best results!)

Emails that come from a personal account (These aren't legitimate companies)

I have some quick fixes that can help you start ranking better in just a few minutes! Good SEO takes time & testing! There are a lot of moving parts and there is no “Quick Fix”. (If you believe that, we have some land for sale!)

We’re here to help - just contact us if you would like to discuss some options for improving your website’s security to filter out spam & solicitor emails.