Turn off the news and focus on your business

With so much gloom and doom dominating the daily news cycle, it is not surprising that business owners are hunkering down in a survival mode.  The fear factor that is being promulgated if correct is a departure from the political leadership this country has seen in the past.  For several hundred years the country has been coached through very difficult times often by positive reinforcement.  Leadership would inspire people to persevere, and did not include many elements of the desperate truth at hand.  Today we enjoy no such pleasure.

How does this affect the ability of a business owner or management team to successfully lead their organization?

Some say we are talking down the economy.  Whatever the facts are, the effects are very real in the business community.  Many businesses seem paralyzed.  Hiring decisions are being put off, expansion delayed, and equipment acquisitions canceled.

From personal experience the 360 Direct team has expressed and felt all of these issues within.

Our advice to business owners, is to stop watching the daily news cycle.  Take in moments of news on a weekly basis at planned intervals so you are not inundated with these negative messages.  If we understood the power of a negative thought we would have none.  Thoughts become actions.  Today we have to be aware of the climate around us, but we cannot allow the sellers of news to damage our ability to run a business.

Focus on the Positive.

Keep your dream alive, and set aside daily time to plan the growth and success of your business.  Be positive with your team.  For most business owners their business is the culmination of their “American Dream”.  Don’t make it just a job.  Work on your business plan.  Work on your marketing plan.  If you don’t have a written plan for both, start today!  Update the plans every 90 days.  Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance with your business plan or marketing plan.  There are many very competent consultants that specialize in helping a business owner focus and hold themselves accountable.  Your written marketing plan is a simple tool to hold you the business owner accountable.  Without a written plan containing timetables and projects, you are not accountable.  Who does hold you accountable?  Working on your business and marketing plans are two of the most invigorating and inspiring things a business owner can do to break up the daily grind.  Give up your job, and start working on your dream!