Ways to Work With Us, 360 Direct - Your Outsource Marketing Department
Monthly Program Package Project
No Retainers
No Long Term Contracts
Guaranteed No Oops Charges
Full Team of Marketing Experts
Goal Setting
Regular Strategy Meetings
Flexibility to Change Priorities or Pace
Marketing Plan Every 12 Months
Regular Testing & Measuring of Tactics
Discount on Additional Projects
Management of Additional Vendors
(Stop getting sales calls!)

We work with clients in a variety of ways to ensure that we meet their needs.

Scalable Marketing Programs

Receive custom strategy, regular meetings, and the flexibility to tackle various projects simultaneously with our monthly programs. These programs are designed to grow with your company, and are our most popular offering for businesses looking for long term growth.


Some companies just need a roadmap to know where to go. We provide package options that provide businesses with a either foundational materials or an objective evaluation of their current marketing. You can either use this to form a plan for your in-house team, or as an opportunity to get to know us and how we work before joining a monthly program. These packages carry no obligation to use our other services.


Put a specific project you have in mind into action with the help of 360 Direct. If you’re just lacking the manpower for a project, 360 Direct can be engaged for specific project execution. No matter the size of your project, we are focused on ensuring that every tactic has a strategy behind it. We are focused on your success and the ROI on all marketing tactics.

Do you have other vendors? That’s perfectly alright! We are always happy to work with your in-house team or with your existing vendors, filling in whatever gaps you have in your marketing strategy. Your success is what we are focused on.