Who We Are

Who are we? We are a team of marketing professionals with only one goal: to help your business grow. We are graphic designers, web developers, copy writers, videographers, photographers, project managers, data analysts, and more. We are passionate about marketing, dedicated to results, and excited about your business.

We’re your outsource marketing department.

Our story:

The 360 Direct team has from the very start focused on helping others build their dreams. Whether that was producing specific marketing tactics, such as direct mail, or strategizing with our customers.
Originally conceived as a traditional print-and-mail production facility, 360 Direct began operations in 2006 as a tactical media vendor. It became apparent during our first year that
many of the projects brought to our plant for production were seriously flawed. Time and again, we saw pieces that were better off recycled rather than printed. Clients brought us mailing projects requiring thousands of dollars in postage, but had invested little or nothing in a well-planned marketing message or professional design.

Upon further inquiry we discovered that most of these customers had no marketing plan. They were wasting thousands of hard-earned dollars on poorly conceived advertising. With no plan, they were simply reacting to a panicked need for more customers or more revenue. They often bought advertising from whoever gave the best sales pitch. It became clear that with the downsizing of internal marketing departments, companies needed more help building their marketing plans than creating mail. The 360 team spent increasing amounts of time rebuilding flawed campaigns, and so the outsourced marketing department was born.

We’ve grown since then. As the marketing landscape has evolved, so have our offerings so that we are always keeping up with the latest best practices. We are proud to now offer full marketing capabilities, including everything from traditional advertising to PR services to website development and digital marketing. We take a holistic approach by focusing on marketing strategy. The measurable results we produce are essential to the success of both our team and our customers.