Fill your talent pool

Diving into the deep end of a Marketing Strategy world can be scary, especially when it involves filling your talent pool. But having the talent on-hand to help you swim is vital to any business. Unless you build a solid recruiting and retention platform, you can expect your pool to drain away. And that’s where marketers can be your lifeguards! They’re not just there to market your company to clients, they help market you to potential new hires as well.

In a dynamically changing workforce, companies are recruiting employees in new ways. Company Culture & Branding, Technology & Skill Sets are all ways to engage potential candidates among the diverse pool of swimmers.

Company Culture

Websites like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Facebook, and others not only make it far easier for employees to learn about new job opportunities and gain intelligence about company cultures; they also increase transparency about a company’s workplace. Flexibility, empowerment, development, and the ability to move around within an organization all now play a big role in defining a company’s culture.

Company Branding

Employees need to be involved in how they can contribute to a company’s overall strategy. In return, the company must support employees: recruitment, training, reward and recognition. Every aspect of your company must inspire, encourage and recognize the desired behaviors of your employees. They will in return become some of your biggest brand advocates and ambassadors.

Company’s Technology

Big brands like Apple, Amazon, Google, and Starbucks are known for using technology to effectively reach their talent pool. For example, 123-year-old General Electric found a way to put technology at the forefront of their company strategy, creating an award-winning campaign dubbed #sixsecondscience. As a technology and innovations company, GE was one of the 1st companies to successfully utilize Vine as a marketing platform.

Company Skill Set

To hire the right person for the job, companies must look past candidates’ resumes and learn more about them as people. Of course employees need to have the skills required to do the job, but they also need to fit in with the company culture and be willing to take direction. Focus on personality and potential, which can’t always be quantified on paper. Check their social media and ask the right questions. Every position requires some on-the-job learning and adjustment, making the right attitude vital for new hires.

Connecting with the right talent can dictate the growth of your business. In order to make sure your marketing speaks to the people that should be on your team, consider working with a professional to evaluate your current strategy and advise you on your next steps.